CYM Award Receipients

Last night the Catholic Youth Ministry (CYM) of the Office of the Diocese of Wilmington honored those who have made a significant contribution to youth ministry within their parish or Catholic school at the Annual CYM Recognition Dinner.
Please join 推荐一个nba买球网站 and the CYM Office in congratulating our very own... 夫人. Maria Kilmon ( Volunteer of the Year Award), 夫人. Martha Holladay (St. John Bosco Diocesan Award), Katie Corbo '23 and Sophia Correale '23 (St. Timothy Award Winners).

Volunteer of the Year Award Recipient - Maria Kilmon
Maria has been a member of the 宗教研究 department at 推荐一个nba买球网站 for seven years. Recently she has taken on the role of Dean of Students and it’s a member of the 领导 Team. Maria has been a active force behind the Class Days, Graduation, and Baccalaureate. Maria is a model of faith for her students and colleagues. She goes above and beyond to serve the 推荐一个nba买球网站 community and its mission. She is dedicated to sharing her faith and encourages her students to do the same. Maria is an invaluable piece of the part of a community.

St. John Bosco Award Recipient for Catholic Schools - Martha Holladay
Martha has been a dedicated Catholic school educator at 推荐一个nba买球网站 for 48 years. Martha works diligently to provide an outstanding education experience in her classroom and beyond. As English Department Chair and the season educator, she has served as a mentor for many teachers. Martha embraces teaching as a vocation, believing that we are called to teach the students' soul, which she certainly does. Martha embodies 推荐一个nba买球网站’s mission by nurturing students and colleagues with her encouragement, 善良, and commitment to excellence. Softly but strongly, she lives a Christ-centered life of 领导 and service.

St. Timothy Youth Award Recipient - Katie Corbo
Katie has become a valuable asset to the 校园部 program at 推荐一个nba买球网站. She was chosen to attend Salesian 领导 Camp last summer, is a member of the school's Students in Action team responsible for service, serves as an Eucharistic Minister, and is a member of 推荐一个nba买球网站's Encounter team. Katie is also part of the senior team that helps lead underclass retreats. Katie is dedicated to her faith and is well respected by her peers and adults. She serves with grace and dignity and all that she does.

St. Timothy Youth Award Recipient - Sophia Correale
Sophia has contributed greatly to the 校园部 program at 推荐一个nba买球网站. Sophia is an Eucharistic Minister, lector, and member of the Encounter planning team. She’s also part of the senior team that helps lead and plan under class retreats. Sophia has also participated faithfully in the March for Life, Stand for Life event with 推荐一个nba买球网站, Salesianum, 和Ursuline. Sophia has been a model of faith for her peers and faculty. Sophia is also a student leader for 推荐一个nba买球网站's TV production class. She has served as a part of a community with wit and sincerity.
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